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Raymond Hoover – Dog Breeder – Dundee, NY 

ACA News Report (07/16/2016)


After retiring from breeding dogs in 2012, Raymond Hoover has now decided to approach breeding dogs in an entirely new way.  Raymond Hoover originally was an average dog breeder who raising puppies for sale.  Mr. Hoover’s kennel was located in Dundee, NY.  He bred both pure breed and designer breed dogs.


When Raymond Hoover first became involved in dog breeding, he only looked at each dog as a certain breed of dog.  Yorkshire Terriers were nothing more or less than Yorkshire Terriers.  Other than male or female, each Yorkshire Terrier was just about the same.


Once Raymond Hoover decided to retire and stop breeding dogs, he then became interested in the New York Professional Breeders Association’s educational seminars sponsored by the American Canine Association, Inc.  The American Canine Association Inc. (ACA) holds seminars throughout the year in almost every state in the United States, Canada, and he Caribbean Islands.


In the ACA seminars Raymond Hoover learned the importance of: having all breeding dogs certified free of routine hereditary and congenital defects; daily socialization and exercise programs for every breeding dog and puppy in the kennel; premium nutritional programs for all dogs in the kennel; on-going educational hours annually; dog shows and agility events; routine grooming; state-of-the-art kennel design; purifying outdoor air and water before it comes into the kennel; bio-security protocols to prevent strangers from bringing in disease and parasites into the kennel; and veterinary inoculations, deworming, and sanitation programs for all adults an puppies his the kennel.


As Raymond Hoover started to selectively acquire his choice breeding dogs.  Mr. Hoover concentrated on three main areas for each of the future puppies’ mothers and fathers.  The first area was genetic health.  Mr. Hoover wanted to insure that each breeding dog was free of common genetic defects.  The second area of priority by Raymond Hoover was confirmation.  Mr. Hoover wanted to make sure the foundation breeding of his kennel were good representatives of the breed.  And finally, Mr. Hoover wanted to insure all of the mothers and father had good, sound temperaments.



Raymond Hoover admits all of his improvements in his new kennel have been realized through is intense heart felt desire to breed the best quality puppies.  The depth of knowledge provided by the American Canine Association’s educational seminars provided a resource that was not available to breeders a decade ago.  As Raymond Hoover said: “Who could have imagined that the nation’s top veterinarians and canine experts would be brought right here to Dundee, NY just to teach all kennel owners how do things right!  Instead of saying we work very hard, we now say we work very smart.”

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